U3 Technology in USB Pen Drives

Pen drives has become an important storage device and used by everyone who in need for storing large amount of data as well as they use it mainly for sharing of multimedia files. Though the main purpose of the pen drive is to store vast amount of data it also equipped with other impressive features, which makes your job easy. Many advanced technical aspect makes a pen drive more versatile and liked by business people, students and common users, some of the useful and remarkable technology could be Safety System, U3 technology, Ready Boost Technology etc.

Among this beneficial application U3 technology is a application oriented when compared to other features in the row. Many smart drive are introduced in the market with u3 platform and it is a general platform especially developed for smart drives. It is very convenient to use and comes with the great help if you are frequent traveller carrying important documents along with where ever you go then U3 platform enabled pen drives is the right choice for you.

This technology is developed by two popular storage device makers, Sandisk and M-System and they have created a technology breakthrough and made the smart drives which are capable of carrying the whole computing operation inside a great nutshell of USB smart drives. Proactive digital application of smart drives with convenient usage made the U3 technology more popular in the pen drive industry.

This application is wide spread and offers versatile action for industry and independent users. U3 platform provides you a comfortable way of safely storing confidential digital files under tight security system inside a tamper proof smart drive. It includes some of the useful application software which helps you to carry your data both safely and conveniently anywhere you want, when you plug in your u3 enabled smart drive in any system the software application inside the u3 platform will reveal your personal computing setting and it enables you to work on your personal setting on any other PC that you have connected.

Inside your personal setting you can maintain some useful software application like ICQ instant messaging software, which enables you to send instant messaging service and let you to customise your interface based on your preference. It is a remarkable interactive interface that helps you to do window integration and send emails along with a Google search window and many more. U3 platform comes with smart drive, when you connect it in your computer it will immediately open its LaunchPad through which you can have access to many other applications. LaunchPad is a interface manager that automatically popped up when you insert the smart drive in your laptop and it will guide you on how to work with pre-loaded software applications in order to maintain your own personal U3 workstation. The preloaded software is of different variety such as:

1. RoboForm2Go – password protection application

2. Zinio – Electronic magazine reader

3. Skype – Internet Phone

4. ACDSee – a photo management software

5. File synchronisation software CruzerSync

You can play around in your personal U3 workstation setting up wallpaper, email, music videos, FireFox web browsers, folders and much more. Before buying U3 smart drive make sure its compatibility in your system and buy along with enough space, so that you can add additional software.